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Monthly roundup #20 - $6.2Bn Raised in May

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Monthly roundup

June 11, 2023

Hey Reader,

We're back to spill the beans on the latest fundraising rollercoaster. We follow the money so brace yourself, our platform tracked a jaw-dropping $6.2 billion that was raised by companies flexing their financial muscles and you should pay attention to them.

The big shots stole the show, as the top 10 rounds all exceeded $50 million. Crypto even had its moment with Axoni and securing hefty investments. And guess what? AI organizations continue to rock the fundraising scene.

Our New Trend Scores for leads
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We've curated a select list of captivating leads that will ignite your sales mojo. These are the juicy prospects that have caught our eye, so get ready to dig in and seize those opportunities!

Oso just raised $10971528 | Oso is a business that focuses on ambient intelligence for carrers and persons in vulnerable situations. Key decision-makers include Olivier Menut (CEO & founder) and many others.

Quanscient just raised $4278896 | Quanscient is a next generation simulation software-as-a-service utilizing quantum computing algorithms. Key decision-makers include Juha Riippi (Speeding up multiphysics simulations by 100x | CEO & Co-Founder) and many others.

Specifx Data just raised $3500000 | Specifx provides visibility, context, and insights into your entire HVAC asset portfolio. Key decision-makers include Jerry Gonzales (Vice President of Software Engineering) and many others.

Riscosity just raised $7000000 | Riscosity is a supply chain data management platform. Key decision-makers include James Greene (VP Engineering, Co-Founder) and many others.

Bastion just raised $2800000 | Bastion is a cloud-based cyber security platform that is built to scale with security, compliance, insurance and risk management needs. Key decision-makers include Sebastien Duc (Co-Founder & CTO) and many others.

m3ter just raised $14000000 | M3ter is a pricing operations platform that integrates usage data, applies pricing, and generates error-free bills in real-time. Key decision-makers include Jonathan Hill (Vice President Of Engineering) and many others. just raised $3000000 | is a conversational AI engine which frees data teams from writing SQL for ad hoc requests. Key decision-makers include Marc Dupuis (Chief Executive Officer) and many others.

Gigs just raised $2700000 | Gigs platform aids in establishing connections between employers and job seekers seeking hourly work. Key decision-makers include Allen Narcisse (Founder) and many others.

NinjaTech AI just raised $5000000 | NinjaTech AI is a business developing the first genuine next-generation personal assistant using generative AI. Key decision-makers include Kurt (VP, Go-To-Market and Business Development) and many others.

Openlayer just raised $4800000 | Openlayer is an analysis platform that "opens up" machine learning models by detecting and eliminating failure patterns and biases. Key decision-makers include Vikas Nair (Co-Founder) and many others.

Bloomfilter just raised $5500000 | Bloomfilter is the first process intelligence platform for the software development lifecycle. Key decision-makers include Christopher Stoll (Co-Founder and CTO) and many others.

Instruqt just raised $16505045 | Instruqt helps software companies drive product growth and creating a hands-on full-funnel product experience. Key decision-makers include Connie Tai (Chief Marketing Officer) and many others.

Antimetal just raised $4300000 | Antimetal is a cloud cost optimization platform provider that helps businesses maximize savings while minimizing underutilization concerns. Key decision-makers include Matthew Parkhurst (Co-Founder, CEO) and many others.

IOTA Software just raised $5249946 | IOTA Software is a provider of data visualization that connects people, assets, and manufacturing processes. Key decision-makers include Tammy Miller (Vice President of Finance and Business Operations) and many others.

Optiversal just raised $4199998 | Optiversal is a provider of AI, NLP, and GPT-3 powered content and merchandising solutions. Key decision-makers include William Underwood (Founder) and many others.

Zaptic just raised $9985154 | Connected worker platform providing job instruction and collaboration for frontline teams. Key decision-makers include Hannah Waugh (Head of Marketing) and many others.

Abby just raised $1326894 | Abby is a management app that helps entrepreneurs get rid of administrative tasks and improve their organization. Key decision-makers include Corentin Allemand (Co-founder & CPO) and many others. just raised $6000000 | is a software that provides control access to SaaS, web applications, and servers to monitor user activity and prevent data theft. Key decision-makers include Venu Banda (Co-Founder, CTO) and many others.

Hydrosat just raised $15000000 | Hydrosat provides geospatial intelligence for food security, critical infrastructure, and the environment. Key decision-makers include Brett Blom (VP of Sales) and many others.

Plumery just raised $4500000 | The Digital Engagement Platform for Banks - The Digital Success Fabric Key decision-makers include Ben Goldin (Founder and CEO) and many others.

AMBOSS just raised $4000000 | AMBOSS makes tools that help organize the market on the bitcoin lightning network. Key decision-makers include Anthony Potdevin (CTO & Co-Founder) and many others.

CarbonChain just raised $10000000 | CarbonChain's AI platform automates emissions tracking in carbon-heavy supply chains for a net-zero economy. Key decision-makers include Roheet Shah (Co-Founder & COO) and many others.

And many more...

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See you on the other side.

Best regards,
Jean VAN
Co-Founder @Fuelblock

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