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July 18, 2023

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Millions of cold outreach campaigns have been analyzed to find the best email metrics to book meetings. Here's the low down.

The best cold email length is about 120 words. This word count got the highest average booking rates of millions of campaigns, at around 50%.

But you can go a little over or under - the sweet spot is 75-125 words. This range gets you 5-15% higher reply rates than longer or shorter emails.

It also matters how you write the message. Sending long paragraphs makes it harder for prospects to read your message, even if you've optimized the number of words.

A good way to measure readability is by number of lines. The best click-through rates come from emails with about 20 lines, including line breaks.

Here's an example of a cold email that hasn't been optimized for readability vs. an email with a good format:

Both of these emails have the same number of words. But the second is clearer, easier to read, and more likely to get a response.

Stay concise and break up the text of your emails to ensure your prospects actually respond to them. Good luck!

Now, let's talk about the last two weeks where our platform has tracked new leads that collectively raised more than $7.8bn...up for grabs!

So get ready to seize those opportunities from our curated sample of prospects!

Arrcus just raised $15000000 | Arrcus is a hyper-scale network app that provides software-powered transformations in networks for the interconnected world. Key decision-makers include Abhay Roy (VP of Engineering) and many others.

Hepster just raised $10957102 | Hepster is an InsurTech company that focuses on the insurance sector. Key decision-makers include Christian Range (CEO) and many others.

soona just raised $2578745 | Soona is a virtual content studio platform that helps brands to make professional-level photos and videos for e-commerce and marketing. Key decision-makers include Mugdha Sharan (Vice President Of Product Management) and many others.

Webio just raised $2715977 | Webio is a software company specializing in customer engagement solutions with conversational AI. Key decision-makers include Benjamin Waymark (Chief Technology Officer) and many others.

Flueid just raised $10016919 | Flueid is a real estate tech company bringing title data & insights to the start of real estate workflows to reduce costs & closing time. Key decision-makers include Victoria Grammar (VP of Human Resources) and many others.

numarics just raised $11081187 | FinTech, Business Process Solution, SaaS, Accounting, Web App, Mobile App Key decision-makers include Bora Erbil (Partner) and many others.

Qover just raised $30000000 | Qover is an insurance platform designed to enable fast-growing internet enterprises and insurance products. Key decision-makers include Cedric Francois (Product Owner) and many others.

COMPASS Pathways just raised $30000000 | Compass Pathways is a biotechnology company that accelerates patient access to evidence-based innovation in mental health. Key decision-makers include Gary Gilmour (Vice-President, Preclinical Research) and many others.

DATAGALAXY just raised $9992975 | DataGalaxy is the industry's first Data Knowledge Catalog helping organizations understand how their entire business runs on data Key decision-makers include Sebastien Thomas (Co-Founder & CEO) and many others.

Gooten just raised $11000000 | Gooten is an automated fulfillment and store operations solution for online stores. Key decision-makers include Kristina Dukicin (Partner Support Agent) and many others.

Embracer Group just raised $183699397 | Embracer Group is a global group with entrepreneurial businesses in the fields of the gaming and entertainment industries. Key decision-makers include David Bostrom (CEO Embracer Games Archive) and many others.

WANdisco just raised $30000000 | WANdisco is a data activation company that moves petabytes of data between any cloud. Key decision-makers include Ian Wild (Vice President Customer Experience) and many others.

MiMedia just raised $1886799 | MiMedia is a developer of an automatic cloud storage platform used to backup photos, videos, music, and other files. Key decision-makers include Joao (Vice President of Global Business Development) and many others.

Quazel just raised $1523549 | Quazel is a conversational language learning app that allows learners to talk their way to fluency. Key decision-makers include Samuel Bissegger (Founder) and many others.

Quside just raised $10899681 | Quside designs and manufactures innovative quantum technologies for all connected devices. Key decision-makers include Waldimar Amaya (Senior Vice President of Engineering) and many others.

Squadeasy just raised $2176498 | Squadeasy is a web platform that provides employee engagement solutions. Key decision-makers include Brice Chapignac (Co-founder & CEO) and many others.

Zinc just raised $6345580 | Zinc is the essential element for hiring at scale. Request fast background checks in 190 countries. Key decision-makers include Jeroen Melis (Owner) and many others.

Plenti just raised $246049 | Plenti is a rent tech on-demand that offers a fast, easy, and safe access to consumer electronics. Key decision-makers include Wojtek Rokosz (Co-founder and CEO) and many others.

Via Separations just raised $2100000 | Via Separations is a technology company that develops membrane materials for modular and resource separation solutions. Key decision-makers include Shreya Dave (CEO) and many others.

Western Global Airlines just raised $400000000 | Western Global Airlines is a Charter and wet lease operations services provider headquartered in Florida, operating worldwide. Key decision-makers include David Rouse (Senior Vice President Operations) and many others.

Bluedot just raised $5000000 | Bluedot is a payment platform for EV charging stations. Key decision-makers include Martin Hamedani (VP of Partnerships) and many others.

Mainz Biomed just raised $50000000 | Mainz BioMed molecular genetic diagnostics company. Key decision-makers include Guido Baechler (Chief Executive Officer) and many others.

Bdeo just raised $8189435 | Bdeo provides a visual intelligence solution to transform the insurance and fleet industries and the way they engage with their customers. Key decision-makers include Ruth Puente (Chief Operations Officer) and many others.

IP Fabric just raised $25223462 | IP Fabric is an IT company focused on network assurance, security assurance, and multi-cloud networking. Key decision-makers include Pavel Bykov (Chief Executive Officer) and many others.

Runway just raised $141000000 | Runway is an applied AI research company that builds the next generation of creativity tools. Key decision-makers include Cristobal Valenzuela (Co-Founder and CEO) and many others.

Nothing just raised $96000000 | Nothing is a consumer tech company that develops a digital technology to connect products and services. Key decision-makers include Carl Pei (CEO and Co-founder) and many others.

Slang just raised $12000000 | Slang is an AI-powered virtual phone agent that offers quick responses, voice and background sounds, and an onboarding team guide. Key decision-makers include Gabriel Duncan (Co-Founder and CTO) and many others.

Venn just raised $29000000 | Venn secures remote work on any unmanaged or BYOD computer with a radically simplified and less costly solution than VDI. Key decision-makers include Alex Osipov (Co-founder and CTO) and many others.

And many more...

We're confident that once you see the value our services bring to the table, you'll be closing deals faster than a cheetah chasing its lunch.

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