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Aug 5, 2023

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Welcome to our monthly roundup, where we're here to serve you with the most exciting insights into newly funded startups, brimming with fresh capital and ready to take the world by storm!

That's right, it's us! We've got our detective hats on, following the money trail like pros so you can close more deals faster. Our platform has just unveiled a mind-blowing $13 billion. (Up from $7bn in June)

Who said venture funding is slowing down? Certainly not those startups below that raised the most $$$ with less than 50 employees! That's a crazy ratio where most of the money will not be spent on staff salaries.

Get ready to seize those opportunities from our curated sample of juicy leads!

Inflection AI just raised $1300000000 | Inflection AI is an artificial intelligence startup that develops personal AI chatbots. Key decision-makers include Karen Simonyan (Co-Founder and Chief Scientist) and many others.

MoonLake Immunotherapeutics just raised $400000000 | MoonLake Immunotherapeutics is a clinical-stage biopharmaceuticals company. Key decision-makers include Jorge Silva (Founder & Chief Executive Officer) and many others.

Defacto just raised $184139725 | Defacto is a fintech firm that offers short term financing for small and medium companies via an embedded, API-first approach. Key decision-makers include Jordane Giuly (Co-Founder) and many others.

Septerna just raised $150000000 | Septerna is a biotech firm unlocking diverse drug discovery potential in G protein-coupled receptors (GPCRs) across various diseases. Key decision-makers include Christopher Heise (Vice President Discovery Biology) and many others.

Typeface just raised $100000000 | Typeface offers a generative AI application that provides streamlined and personalized content creation for enterprises. Key decision-makers include Mohit Kalra (VP of Security) and many others.

Crossbow Therapeutics just raised $80000000 | Crossbow is expanding cancer treatment through potent and precise antibody therapies, targeting a vast range of cancer antigens. Key decision-makers include Briggs Morrison (Chief Executive Officer) and many others.

Aphea.Bio just raised $76903386 | Aphea.Bio offers research and development in the areas of bioinsecticides and bioherbicides. Key decision-makers include Steven Vandenabeele (Co-founder / Chief Technology Officer) and many others. just raised $70000000 | offers an Application Delivery Network (ADN) intended to help website owners get connected with their customers. Key decision-makers include Luke Flanagan (VP of Finance) and many others.

Oritain just raised $57000000 | Oritain provide businesses with a traceability solution like no other. Key decision-makers include Stacey Roen (Vice President of Traceability Design, North America) and many others.

Risc Zero. just raised $40000000 | Risc Zero builds scaling solutions using Zero Knowledge Proofs which will make blockchains accessible. Key decision-makers include Brian Retford (Co-founder and CEO) and many others.

Unaric just raised $35000000 | Unaric buys builds and grows salesforce-based SaaS companies. Key decision-makers include Moritz Birke (Co-Founder & CFO) and many others.

uTu just raised $33000000 | uTu is connecting brands to their audiences in conversant channels. Key decision-makers include Vidur Verma (Chief Technology Officer) and many others.

Prolific just raised $32337886 | Building the most advanced global infrastructure for People Science. Key decision-makers include Jane Hillman (Head of Marketing) and many others.

Cosmic Wire just raised $30000000 | Cosmic Wire utilizes proprietary technology and decentralized applications, creating the backbone operating system for the Web3 ecosystem. Key decision-makers include Jennifer Grove (Chief Marketing Officer) and many others.

SpectrumOne just raised $30000000 | SpectrumOne is a powerful platform that places marketers to increase their ROI on sales and communication efforts. Key decision-makers include Kenneth Valboll (Group CEO) and many others.

Gleamer just raised $29540093 | Gleamer develops medical grade AI for Radiology Key decision-makers include Vincent Marty (Product Owner) and many others.

And many more...

We're confident that once you see the value our services bring to the table, you'll be closing deals faster than a cheetah chasing its lunch.

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