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Last month, North American and European startup funding takes a beating at every stage, half of what it was a year ago according to our tracker. But there were bright spots too, and we’re not just talking about OpenAI — several companies landed large raises, including some seed startups we have captured.

In March, our tracker collected 500+ early-stage startups, raising $4.4bn with an average of $11.6m per early-stage funding in March. With this cash, those high-qualified leads are now ready to grow!

Here's a glimpse into their activities:

Just to name a few...

Gateway.fm just raised $4600000 | GatewayFM is a decentralized blockchain infrastructure and node provider. Key decision-makers include Igor Mandrigin (CTO) and many others.

Intu just raised $2000000 | On a mission to human-proof Web3 by building advanced cryptographic solutions Key decision-makers include James Bourque (Co-CEO & Co-Founder) and many others.

Azra Games just raised $10000000 | Azra Games is a blockchain-based developer of collectible and combat games. Key decision-makers include Mark Otero (CEO / Founder) and many others.

Chaos Labs just raised $20000000 | Chaos Labs is a cloud platform that allows teams to build high-fidelity agent and scenario-based simulations on mainnet forks. Key decision-makers include Omer Goldberg (Founder & CEO) and many others.

Strider just raised $5500000 | Strider enables creators to take control of their projects through decentralized autonomous organizations. Key decision-makers include Andrew Green (Co-Founder, CEO) and many others.

TipLink just raised $6000000 | TipLink is a lightweight wallet that helps send digital assets by sending an URL. Key decision-makers include Ian Krotinsky (Co-Founder and CEO) and many others.

Quell just raised $9630942 | Quell delivers a virtual fitness world that offers a unique experience of intense workout while gaming to achieve fitness goals. Key decision-makers include Cameron Brookhouse (CEO & Co-Founder) and many others.

Queues just raised $1156000 | Queues is an information technology company that offers mobile app development. Key decision-makers include Ram Neimark (Founder) and many others.

Healium just raised $3600000 | Healium is an augmented and virtual reality channel powered by consumer wearables for the self-management of anxiety and sleep Key decision-makers include Sarah Hill (CEO & Chief Storyteller) and many others.

Vital Things just raised $3417672 | Vital Things is developing digital monitoring and predictive medicine. Key decision-makers include Alf-Egil Bogen (Co-Founder and Chairman) and many others.

Zeabuz just raised $1952955 | Zeabuz offers autonomy-as-a-service platform to urban ferry operators to enable new mobility solutions. Key decision-makers include Ann Rise (Marketing Director/Markedsdirekt) and many others.

406 Bovine just raised $712000 | 406 Bovine develops cattle management software designed to improve overall livestock operations. Key decision-makers include Bryan Elliott (Chief Executive Officer) and many others.

Affine just raised $5100000 | Affine is a Web3 protocol and dApp that helps users automate their savings and grow their crypto holdings by getting rid of high fees. Key decision-makers include Tarik Moon (Founder & Contributor) and many others.

Blockstars just raised $500000 | Blockstars is the first blockchain-based management simulation game. Key decision-makers include Cory Johnson (Founder & Chief Technology Officer) and many others.

Pelt8 just raised $530719 | Making efficient sustainability reporting accessible Key decision-makers include Alex Harman (Product Owner) and many others.

AeroCloud just raised $12600000 | AeroCloud is bringing cloud-native, AI-powered software to airports of all sizes. Key decision-makers include George Richardson (CEO) and many others.

Aniai just raised $3000000 | Aniai has developed a labor solution for quick service restaurants by building a robotic kitchen. Key decision-makers include Gunpil Hwang (CEO & Co-founder) and many others.

ribal Rides just raised $265000 | Tribal Rides is an owner and operator of a software development company intended to provide ride-sharing applications. Key decision-makers include Don Smith (Chief Financial Officer) and many others.

Mangrove DAO just raised $7400000 | Mangrove DAO is an order book-based Decentralised exchange that allows liquidity providers to post arbitrary smart contracts as offers. Key decision-makers include Bryce (Head of Marketing & Communications) and many others.

Portal Labs just raised $5300000 | Portal Labs is building enterprise grade web3 infrastructure that transforms the platforms into portals. Key decision-makers include Parsa Attari (Co-Founder & Engineering) and many others.

Cognida.ai just raised $4702647 | Cognida.ai is an AI-driven strategy that employs advanced tools and methods to enhance human capacity to make better decisions. Key decision-makers include Abid Mohammed (Co-Founder, Technology) and many others.

Carbon Maps just raised $4273020 | Carbon Maps is a climate management platform for food industry. Key decision-makers include Estelle Huynh (Co-founder & COO) and many others.

Nuwe just raised $790508 | Gamified challenge-base talent platform to connect with tech and IT professionals Key decision-makers include Carlos Ibanez (Co-Founder | Revenue & Marketing) and many others.

EO Charging just raised $80000000 | EO Charging designs smart electric vehicle chargers and intelligent software for homes, workplaces, and destinations. Key decision-makers include Charlie Jardine (Founder, CEO) and many others.

Eyk just raised $692342 | Eyk is a progressive marketing data platform for every digital marketer. Key decision-makers include Alain Odijk (Co-Founder & CEO) and many others.

And many more...

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