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Bi-weekly leads roundup #41 + Limited Time Offer

Published 12 months ago • 4 min read

Bi-weekly roundup

June 22, 2023

Hey Reader,

Hope you're doing awesome and ready to conquer the thrilling realm of SaaS with our tracker. The AI frenzy might be cooling down, and some venture firms are getting a bit skeptical of startups claiming to power their platforms with generative AI and large language models.

Hold on tight because Apple just saved the Metaverse! Yep, they recently unveiled the mind-blowing Apple Vision Pro, shining a bright spotlight on what the metaverse could become. It's like the future just landed in our laps!

While some AI companies might be pumping the brakes, there's a special crew out there who refuse to slow down. They're scaling faster than a caffeine-addicted squirrel on a sugar rush! And guess what? That means golden opportunities are still up for grabs.

Here's a sneak peek of the trendiest scaleups on the next release: just raised $6600000 | Empowering enterprise support teams with AI and automation. Key decision-makers include Boaz Hecht (Co-founder & CEO) and many others.

Advocate just raised $4000000 | Advocate is a groundbreaking AI driven platform that helps workers and veterans apply for government benefits more simply and easily. Key decision-makers include Charley Lanusse (CTO) and many others.

Granica just raised $45000000 | Granica goal is to improve the information's signal-to-noise ratio in order to make AI more widely available. Key decision-makers include Jason Nadeau (VP, Growth & Marketing) and many others.

Ohanafy just raised $2800000 | Ohanafy is a business management software for craft beverage producers. Key decision-makers include Davis Bryson (Co-Founder) and many others.

Fileread AI just raised $6491996 | Fileread AI develops litigation story-building AI for innovative firms. Key decision-makers include Chan-Hee Koh (Chief Executive Officer) and many others.

Gensyn just raised $42552280 | Gensyn is a machine learning compute protocol for the world's deep learning models. Key decision-makers include Ben Fielding (Co-Founder) and many others.

Trapol8 just raised $975000 | Trapol8 is a no-code tool that allows non-technical users to build relational databases and streamline their document management processes. Key decision-makers include Bob Gates (Founder) and many others.

Alcion just raised $8000000 | Alcion secure data protection from ransomware, malware, accidents, and outages using an AI-driven strategy. Key decision-makers include Meshach Cisero (Head of Marketing) and many others.

NomuPay just raised $53600000 | NomuPay develops a Unified Payment Platform that helps to accept payments and send payouts in Southeast Asia, Europe, and Turkey. Key decision-makers include Erik Hogenkamp (Group COO) and many others.

Hyro just raised $20000000 | Hyro is a plug-and-play conversational AI platform that enables enterprises to add voice and text capabilities to their digital channels. Key decision-makers include Rom Cohen (Co-Founder & CIO) and many others.

Trice just raised $2989999 | Trice is a payment solution that provides intelligent, secure, and cost-effective money movement. Key decision-makers include Darin Nelson (VP of Engineering) and many others.

TrueBuilt Software just raised $4000000 | TrueBuilt Software is a pre-construction services platform for general contractors. Key decision-makers include Jon Sibley (Founder) and many others.

Galvanick just raised $10000000 | Galvanick’s industrial-first Extended Detection & Response (XDR) platform secures industrial systems and networks against cyber attacks. Key decision-makers include Feliks (COO) and many others.

Pixxel just raised $36000000 | Pixxel is a space data company that develops a constellation of hyperspectral earth imaging satellites. Key decision-makers include Kshitij Khandelwal (Founder and CTO) and many others.

Signalit just raised $12482379 | Signalit brings clarity and order to the noise in data management, empowering organizations to work at the edge of their data. Key decision-makers include Pedro Castillo (CEO & Founder) and many others.

UrgentIQ just raised $3749999 | UrgentIQ is a medtech company that offers patient engagement, electronic medical records, and practice management solutions. Key decision-makers include Eric Slater (Co-Founder & CTO) and many others.

Dumme just raised $3400000 | Dumme is the creator of a content automation platform designed to search for information using video. Key decision-makers include Jordan Brannan (Co-Founder) and many others.

Loreworx just raised $50000 | Loreworx is a game development company that creates games based on historical and scientific accuracy. Key decision-makers include Nick Ferrari (Chief Operating Officer / Chief Technology Officer) and many others.

Lightbringer just raised $193565 | Generative AI technology company offering tools for preparing patent applications more quickly, more easily, and with incredible quality Key decision-makers include Markus Andreasson (Co-Founder) and many others.

Ahara just raised $10250000 | Ahara offers a nutrition plan that uses data to create a customized diet and supplement plan. Key decision-makers include Julie (Chief Executive Officer/Co-Founder) and many others.

DashFuel just raised $3249999 | DashFuel provides a platform for petroleum distribution. Key decision-makers include Alen Kubati (Co-Founder and CTO) and many others.

And many more...

So, hang tight, our upcoming release is just around the corner. We're here to support you every step of the way, because your success is our success.

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We're confident that once you see the value our services bring to the table, you'll be closing deals faster than a cheetah chasing its lunch.

See you on the other side.

Best regards,
Jean VAN
Co-Founder @Fuelblock

Tigerlabs 300 Witherspoon St Suite 201, Princeton, NJ 08540

Intent-driven leads for busy agency owners

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