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Wakey wakey! It's Sunday breakfast time and there's been loads of action in the tech SaaS sector over the past weeks. So, sit back, relax, and let's get to it. I mean, come on, is there even a day without Artificial Intelligence being mentioned in your newsfeed? AI is everywhere, and those AI startups are still hogging the fundraising spotlight, despite a massive 43% fundraising drop across industries compared to last year's April 2022.

But, as they say, when the going gets tough, the tough get going! And in this case, we've got a list of selected 30 hyper-growth AI startups that collectively raised a whopping $477M. Trust us, these are the startups you don't want to sleep on. So grab a cup of coffee, take a sip, and let's dive into the wild world of AI Everywhere:

Character.ai just raised $150000000 | Character.ai provides open-ended conversational applications that let users create characters and converse with them. Key decision-makers include Noam Shazeer (Chief Executive Officer) and many others.

Keyward just raised $32503 | AI Software for Engineering Design Evaluations Key decision-makers include Asparuh Stoyanov (Co-Founder & CTO) and many others.

Medwise.ai just raised $1350909 | Medwise.ai is the Google for doctors. Key decision-makers include Keith Tsui (CEO and Co-Founder) and many others.

Vital just raised $24700000 | Vital offers software to help clinicians communicate and engage with patients in their care after emergency department and inpatient visits. Key decision-makers include Justin Schrager (Founder and Chief Medical Officer) and many others.

Workera just raised $23500000 | Workera is an enterprise skill assessment and upskilling platform for data science, machine learning, and artificial intelligence. Key decision-makers include Kian Katanforoosh (CEO & Co-founder) and many others.

1X just raised $23500000 | Push the future of humanoid robotics forward Key decision-makers include Bernt Bornich (CEO and Robotics Engineer) and many others.

Approximate Labs just raised $5350000 | Approximate Labs is a research lab that works at the intersection of artificial intelligence and tabular data. Key decision-makers include Mike Biven (Founder) and many others.

Pictory just raised $2616218 | Pictory is an AI that converts long-form content such as webinars, blogs, white papers into dozens of short social videos in minutes. Key decision-makers include Vikram Chalana (CEO) and many others.

AI Clearing just raised $1000000 | Full digital field construction progress tracking. To decrease re-work cost. To mitigate litigation risk. 100% databased. Key decision-makers include Anne Philipona-Hintzy (Managing Director Europe & Africa) and many others.

MVision AI just raised $5850696 | MVision AI is a company that develops a SaaS based AI-powered solution for radiotherapy treatment planning to treat cancer Key decision-makers include Mahmudul Hasan (Chief Executive Officer & Founder) and many others.

Melanin Matchmaker just raised $567332 | Melanin Matchmaker is a dating app using artificial intelligence to help Black singles find love. Key decision-makers include Dayo Israel (Founder & CEO) and many others.

Axios HQ just raised $20000000 | Axios HQ is AI-powered communication software that helps organizations in management information systems. Key decision-makers include Roy Schwartz (Chief Executive Officer) and many others.

Digicust just raised $107764 | Digicust provides freight forwarding companies with customs clearance software and a virtual customs robot. Key decision-makers include Manuel Strausz (Software Engineer & Co-Founder) and many others.

AI Lean just raised $279991 | AI Lean develops an all-in-one technology for processing liens and auctions. Key decision-makers include Fredrik Velander (Chief Strategic Initiative Officer, Co-Founder) and many others.

ePallet just raised $4377540 | ePallet is an AI-powered marketplace and logistics platform that allows manufacturers to sell direct to pallet-quantity buyers efficiently. Key decision-makers include Paul Fiore (President, board member, co-founder) and many others.

Kiro just raised $14957614 | Kiro is an IT company that offers artificial intelligence, ergonomic design, and software development solutions for medical biology. Key decision-makers include Alexandre Guenoun (Co-founder & CEO) and many others.

Nowigence just raised $107700 | Nowigence provides AI and deep learning platform that delivers continuous monitoring, extraction, and trending for strategic decisions. Key decision-makers include Anoop Bhatia (Founder and CEO) and many others.

edML just raised $6000000 | SaaS, PaaS, MLaaS (machine learning as a service) Key decision-makers include Salman Avestimehr (Chief Executive Officer) and many others.

XGen AI just raised $16530531 | XGen is an eCommerce machine learning platform that predicts consumer behavior and buying habits. Key decision-makers include Jason Clements (Co-Founder) and many others.

Safesize just raised $15174391 | Safesize revolutionize the way people buy shoes anytime, anywhere. Key decision-makers include Angelos Stavrakis (Founder & CEO) and many others.

Unique just raised $4000000 | The Unique Client Intelligence platform supercharges the financial industry with CRM automation, call analytics and FinanceGPT solutions. Key decision-makers include Lea Bachmann (Head of Marketing) and many others.

Perplexity AI just raised $25600000 | Perplexity AI is an AI-chat-based conversational search engine that delivers answers to questions using language models. Key decision-makers include Johnny Ho (Cofounder, Chief Strategy Officer) and many others.

deepc just raised $13006621 | The AI Operating System for the Future of Radiology Key decision-makers include Michael Meyerhoff (Co-Founder) and many others.

EDITED just raised $15000000 | Edited provides AI-powered retail optimization software for fashion brands and retailers. Key decision-makers include Joanna Brumberger (Founder) and many others.

talpasolutions just raised $16258276 | talpasolutions offers a predictive analytics SaaS platform that delivers unparalleled added value for the heavy industries. Key decision-makers include Sebastian-Friedrich Kowitz (CEO) and many others.

Fetch.AI just raised $39782060 | Fetch.AI develops a decentralized network for digital representatives to find, communicate, and trade with each other. Key decision-makers include Humayun Sheikh (CEO & Founder) and many others.

Haiper just raised $13750000 | Haiper develops generative AI technologies for recreating reality Key decision-makers include Yishu Miao (Founder & CEO) and many others.

Deep Render just raised $6300000 | Deep Render is developing the next generation of media compression algorithms. Key decision-makers include Conner Gardner (Talent Partner) and many others.

Inato just raised $20000000 | Inato is a platform designed for clinical trials that can unlock research site potential. Key decision-makers include Kourosh Davarpanah (Cofounder & CEO) and many others.

Jigso just raised $7500000 | Jigso™s AI Business Observability Platform aggregates business apps and delivers data to employees, so they can focus on their core tasks. Key decision-makers include Or Shani (CEO and Founder) and many others.

And many more...

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